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Lg Tv Stand Base

This is a great universal table top tv stand for 37-60vizio lg flat screen tv. The pedestal base provides a sturdy foundation for your tv stand to stand on and the stylish design with green and black finish makes your tv stand out clearly. The stand can be used with or without tv, and can be used in both standard or high resolution display. The stand has a soft-grip bottom to keep your tv stand in place and the comfortable strap for easy transport.

Top Lg Tv Stand Base Sale

This is a great tv stand for universal or table top tv's. The stand fits 27 to 55 inch tvs. The tv stand has a flat screen tv mount that goes unused. The stand also has a base that goes used. This stand can hold a lot of tv's and is also easy to set up.
this is a great piece of furniture for the family room or for use during the office day. The stand makes moved tv's and movies without any problems. It is also easy to clean - just clean it up with soap and water.
This is a great universal tv stand for27-60 toshiba vizio lg tvs. It has a pedestal base with a tv mounting regex and a built-in mount for easy on-the-go storage. The stand has two noise cancelling microphones and is covered inanti-rutsch coating to protect your tv stand.